Typing Game: Bitter Boss

Time: No Time Limit
Skill Level: Beginner through Expert

Instructions: For an overview of the game instructions click “Guide” or click “Play” to begin the game.  As objects in your office become animated, click on the moving object with your mouse to activate it.  When an object is activated type the phrase before the status bar is complete.  When you complete a phrase, click on the next object to continue typing.

This typing game uses a combination of both typing speed and mouse accuracy.  In order to activate an object you must click on the object first. This method of typing practice reinforces proper hand placement on the home row as the user removes their hand to click an object, then returns their hand to the keyboard to type the phrase. You’ll receive more points for typing the phrase faster, but don’t fall too far behind in this game or you may never hear the end of it from your boss.

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