Typing Test: Gettysburg Address

Time: 1 Minute
Skill Level: Beginner

One of the most revered speeches of American History, the Gettysburg Address is presented here in typing test format.  This free test in its entirety is 269 words long, so you won’t finish typing it all in the one minute allotted, but you definitely have something to reach for.

The vocabulary and punctuation of the Gettysburg Address are relatively simple, so if you’ve practiced the basic touch-typing skills, you should be pleased with how many words per minute you can type here. If you want to improve your speed, simply retake the test as many times as you like, or else spend a little more time practicing some of our online typing tutorials.

A technical hint about this test: the space between paragraphs requires you to hit the enter key (or return key) not once but twice. That’s tricky typing! Don’t be caught off guard.

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Typing Test Instructions

  • Click the “Start Typing” button above to initiate your typing test.
  • The timer will count down from one minute after you begin typing. (The timer will not begin before you start typing, so take a moment to relax and focus before you begin.)
  • Type each word as it appears on the screen.
  • Remember, capital letters must be keyed in correctly (use the shift key to capitalize where appropriate).
  • This online typing test will last 1 minute. Type as many correct words as possible.
  • Errors will reduce your net words per minute.

Typing Tip

Memorize the home row. If you have not already done so, spend some time learning about and practicing with the home row keys. This will be your basis for improving your typing speed.

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