Typing Test: Hank Aaron

Time: 1 Minute
Skill Level: Expert

Okay, sports fans, this typing test is ranked high in difficulty because it includes lots of numbers, which can be a little tricky when you’re trying to find a rhythm to type faster. So limber-up your fingers and get ready to reach up high on your keyboard.

The text of this online typing test is 106 words long, so if you’re able to complete the entire test before time runs out, you’re batting a thousand, for real. (In other words 106 words per minute is, really not bad!)

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Typing Test Instructions

  • Click the “Start Typing” button above to initiate your typing test.
  • The timer will count down from one minute after you begin typing. (The timer will not begin before you start typing, so take a moment to relax and focus before you begin.)
  • Type each word as it appears on the screen.
  • Remember, capital letters must be keyed in correctly (use the shift key to capitalize where appropriate).
  • This online typing test will last 1 minute. Type as many correct words as possible.
  • Errors will reduce your net words per minute.

Typing Tip

If you find you are making errors, slow your speed until you are typing more accurately. Even if you type very slowly, the accuracy will help you build muscle memory. Once you improve your accuracy, you’ll be ready to take it up a notch and make significant improvements to your net words-per-minute.

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