Typing Test: Most Commonly Used Words (1-125)

Time: 1 Minute
Skill Level: Beginner

This free typing test is composed of 125 of the most common words in the English language, according to world-english.org. That makes this the perfect exercise to test your overall typing skills by building muscle memory in the words you will encounter regularly. Are you ready to type?

Can you finish typing the entire list of 125 words before time runs out? If not, do not be alarmed! 125 words-per-minute is a lofty typing speed to attain. However, you may notice that you perform better on this typing test, which consists of a string of unrelated words, than you might perform on transcribing sensible sentences and paragraphs, as in Typing Test: Gettysburg Address.

Why? Just as you can read faster if you avoid “vocalizing” the words in your head as you read, you can also type faster if you focus on the individual words and letters to be typed rather than distracting yourself with their meaning or sound. As you take this and other typing tests, keep that in mind. Now, go type faster! Good luck.

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Typing Test Instructions

  • Click the “Start Typing” button above to initiate your typing test.
  • The timer will count down from one minute after you begin typing. (The timer will not begin before you start typing, so take a moment to relax and focus before you begin.)
  • Type each word as it appears on the screen.
  • Remember, capital letters must be keyed in correctly (use the shift key to capitalize where appropriate).
  • This online typing test will last 1 minute. Type as many correct words as possible.
  • Errors will reduce your net words per minute.

“The 500 Most Commonly Used Words in the English Language” World-English. 2009.
world-english.com. (September 28, 2009).

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