Typing Test: Thomas Edison

Time: 1 Minute
Skill Level: Expert

Thomas Edison is the subject of this one-minute timed typing test. The entire copy of the test is 186 words long. Do you already know how many words per minute you can type? Let’s see if you can improve your speed.

This test is relatively difficult because of some long words and heavy punctuation, including the hyphen. If you’ve already taken Typing Test: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, then you’ve already encountered the hyphen. If not, just remember you’ll reach high on the keyboard with your right ring finger to find it.

Not sure if you’re quite ready for a timed typing test? No problem. You can either spend some time with a few typing practices, or just take this test several times until you see an improvement in your net words per minute.

When you are ready to test your speed, click the “Start Typing” button below. Time will not begin before you hit your first key, so relax, find the home row keys, focus on speed, and when you’re absolutely ready, start typing!

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Typing Test Instructions

  • Click the “Start Typing” button above to initiate your typing test.
  • The timer will count down from one minute after you begin typing. (The timer will not begin before you start typing, so take a moment to relax and focus before you begin.)
  • Type each word as it appears on the screen.
  • Remember, capital letters must be keyed in correctly (use the shift key to capitalize where appropriate).
  • This online typing test will last 1 minute. Type as many correct words as possible.
  • Errors will reduce your net words per minute.

Typing Tip

Keep your eyes on the copy. If you find you are looking down at the keyboard to locate letters, you will have difficulty improving your typing speed. Make sure you are familiar with the home row and build from there, using repetitive practice to learn where to locate each letter without stopping to look down. To keep yourself from cheating, try placing a towel over your hands on the keyboard. Don’t worry about improving your speed until after you have the keyboard memorized.

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